Theresa Arnold and James live in a peaceful farm in Kansas. They said that a business MaxMind, has filed their home address as the place for at least 600 million IP addresses and decided to sue the business for $75,000 for making their lives a “digital nightmare”.

The Arnolds’ house was linked to these IP addresses as it was nearly the geographic centre of america. IP addresses are related to computers and internet connections and are generally instrumental in identifying. But they aren’t quite exact occasionally giving an obscure place rather than an exact one.

Credits: Google Maps

Credits: Google Maps

MaxMind has leased this property since 2011 and chose the couple as the default place for an IP address that is only able to be be classified by state. So all the unknown IP addresses from America were linked to this place, being the geographic centre of the state. The couple has received visits from “ national, state or local officials ” and have been challenged for nefarious actions and numerous offenses like missing persons, attempted suicide, computer fraud, stolen truck and many other trespasses.

But this isn’t the ending of it.

“Risks started to be made against the plaintiffs by people who were convinced the perpetrator of web tricking resided ” court records state, at the home. “State investigators — convinced the plaintiffs were involved in an identity theft — came to the home to shoot images of assets.”

“The subsequent occasions seemed to originate at the dwelling and brought trespassers or law enforcement to the plaintiffs’ house at all hours of the night and daytime: stolen automobiles, fraud associated with tax returns and Bitcoin, stolen credit cards, suicide calls, private investigators, purloined social media accounts, fundraising events and numerous other occasions.”

After years of being mistaken for frauds and cyber criminals, the Arnolds determined they’ve had enough. They’ve filed a suit against MaxMind accusing the firm of “ grossly negligent actions and rash great mental distress, worry for their security, and chagrin.” The couple’s attorney said:

My customers have been through hell that was digital. The vile accusations are made such as that they’ve been involved in child pornography against them –. What impact would it have in your life if someone accused you of being in child pornography? Clearly it’s horrendous.”


Arnolds’ House Kansas. Credits: Google

Business’s creator, Thomas Mather has said they have shifted the place of default facility points removing the house from its maps and directing non specific IP addresses to bodies of water.

We find it terrible that federal agents and cops knock on our doors asking questions about missing persons or stolen truck. Tell us what you think of the suit in opinions!