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Dog Has The Best Possible Reaction To A “Stinky” Baby!

There’sn’t any happier moment than hearing an infant in giggles — but the baby in this video had us (and his mom) grinning for entirely different reasons. The key here would be to observe the result of your family pup. They have been sitting together as her small baby is recorded by mom. The family’s pup setting on the couch and the child does something not truly trendy beyond the age of infancy: He poops his pants.

Folks say: “ you must go, If you must go.” This kid unquestionably needed to go.

And infants do that. They’re basically hardwired for pooping and eating and occasionally they may give you the opportunity to get three or two hours of rest between the preceding tasks. But look at the look of his face and this poor dog after his little baddy had done the action reminds us that the everyday occasions make for some of the most amusing videos.

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