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Dog’s Reaction to Meeting New Kittens Is All the Joy You Need in Your Life

It’s a tale (tail?) of David versus Goliath, if David was adorably cute and covered in fur, and Goliath (additionally covered in fur) was so excited to see David he pranced around in happiness.

That’s what we get when we see this giant black dog meeting with his new kittens for the very first time. The kittens skittish around the dog that is tremendous, stand holding out their noses to try and get a good sniff of him. The dog appears to want no time to discover if these miniature cats are foe or friend. They may be buddies to him and play time is meant by that.

The kittens don’t appear quite prepared to begin any wrestling matches, young pup. Simply allow a little more time to them.

Naturally, it’s not only miniature creatures that appear to fascinate dogs. Watch as this dog gets too excited when meeting with the horses for the very first time.

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