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Homeless Man Offers His Last Money For A College Student Who Lost Hers

 They say that people who have less, give more. This statement was proven to be a fact by a Brazilian college student who had a short but unforgettable meeting with the surprisingly generous guy.

Caroline Santana is a college student from Sao Paulo, Brazil. On her way home she had a meeting with a guy that touched many individuals as nicely as her as she shared their narrative.

While on her way to the bus station, she was approached by a homeless guy. The guy carried on to ask from her for extra change. Caroline looked in her bag to find some cash she discovered that she’d lost her bus pass along with her handbag.

Caroline was saddened about what occurred and assured the guy if she got any to give extra change to him. She told him that she’d need to walk all the way to her house. The guy, subsequently, with no reluctance, asked her:

“Do you realize how much is the ticket? Since I have $4 and I’ll be happy to give you it.”

She was amazed at the guy’s generosity despite his own state but the guy’s offer was refused by Caroline. She said the guy kept on insisting she require the change: ” “Are you certain you do it is needed by n’t? You don’t need to walk back home.”

Luckily, minutes after, she could locate her bus pass so she didn’t want the guy’s change

Nevertheless, she was left stunned by the guy’s selflessness considering that that could be all he’d he was willing to give it. She requested to have a graphic with the guy, who she found out was named Cesar. Caroline needed to show everyone how large Cesar’s heart is.

Cesar made by fixing up his appearance an effort to look his best in the picture.

Caroline and Cesar modeling for a picture together


Caroline additionally gave R$2, that was additionally all she’d to thank him for his great heart to him.

Folks like Cesar educate us an important lesson, of love, humility, wisdom and character.

Caroline writes: “Never judge anyone by their look, God writes straight with crooked lines!”


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