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Man Discovers Rare Mammoth Tusk While Digging In His Backyard

Source: Kasey Keller

Source: Kasey Keller

Last month one guy from Idaho made an amazing discovery.

Kasey Keller was at the center of digging a pit that is gravel with a backhoe in his backyard when he came across a millennia-old Colombian mammoth tusk.

“At first I believed it was a conduit,” Keller shared with Good Morning America. My instinct was, ‘This is a mammoth bone.’ Now I loved ancient history as a child and still do. It was an exceptional thing.”

From Utah State University, he called a paleontologist after Keller’s discovery to check out it. The paleontologist supported the 3-foot-long bone discovery and said the bone could be anywhere from 12,000 to 150,000 years old. Back when the Colombian mammoths were not dead, they could grow up to 13 feet and weigh up to 22,000 pounds.

“They never found anything similar to this in this valley,” Keller said. “The paleontologist from USU told me the chances were like locating a pin in a haystack.”

Source: Kasey Keller

Source: Kasey Keller

Keller discussed his discovery with his 9-year old twin boys who are important dinosaur supporters.

“ dinosaurs are loved by them, therefore I showed them and they were ” Keller, on cloud nine. “They couldn’t believe it was a fossil.”

The bone is being held at Brigham Young University for preservation. After Keller “plans on loaning the tusks into a museum for a display,” shared GMA.

I’d be thinking about seeing it he said If someone found it. “It’s a bit of history.”

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