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Man Finds His Soul Mate After Dialling Number On Toilet Wall

When asked the question did you two meet” this couple look and constantly pause at each other for help.

Why? Well simply put, when 51, Mark Ellis, saw an arbitrary number scribbled on a bathroom wall with the caption ‘if you need some pleasure call Donna’ – he determined to text it for a joke.

He wasn’t certain what would come of it and he definitely didn’t anticipate to find his soul mate. But funnily enough, which is precisely what happened.


After making contact Mark immediately realised what they’d was the actual price, although it might seem like a strange beginning to your relationship.

Nevertheless, you might be wondering how this woman’s amount ended up in Garforth, West Yorkshire in the guys’s public toilet.

In accordance with Donna it was put there by her ex-husband, who was allegedly attempting to spite her. However, little did he understand that he’d be setting her up with the love of her life.

I should thank my ex-husband — he did me a favour,’ said for scrawling the number on the bathroom wall Donna Roberts who attributed her former partner.


She declared she was really perplexed when she received a message from Mr Ellis ‘Hi. What are you up to?’

But sensibly thus, he didn’t tell her just how he stumbled across her amount until several days after, where point the pair had well and really hit off it.

The lovebirds could believe their luck and kickstarting a joyful relationship collectively anytime didn’t squander.

The pair have now been together for over a decade and have two kids collectively aged eight and nine.

The mum-of-two from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, included: ‘I was interested to know if it was an actual human being. We still laugh about it.’


As it stands their kids remain ignorant about how their parents met and we can only just expect that when they tell them (if they tell them) in the future, they too will see the humorous side with their love story.

Next time you see a number graffitied on the rear of a toilet door, perhaps as you never know pluck up the nerve to contact it, your soul mate could be waiting at another end of the telephone. How sweet.

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