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Nail-Biting Moment Daredevil Jumps Between 25-Storey Skyscrapers

While many us spent the day working in a office, one adrenaline junkie was preparing to leap between two 25-storey skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

Wearing no protective clothes or equipment, British daredevil Max Cave, 24, found himself off among the humongous apartment blocks.

Jaw-dropping slow motion footage shot the blessed leaper on camera jumping from one building to another and it is difficult to believe the cameraman could keep a stable hand.


Nevertheless, this thrill seeker is no stranger to risk so when part of the U.K.-based Parkour team Storror, he travels around the world taking on a variety of nail biting stunts.

After uploading the breathless footage of his Hong Kong jump to Instagram, it soon began to get found.

So far it is often viewed well over 250,000 times and audience have been left in awe of his fearlessness.


Amusingly, the video’s caption read: ‘Warming up in HK becoming prepared for another few days filming. After the pace was somewhat terrifying.’ running off

Asserting that such a stunt that is daring was a just warm up is mind blowing in itself and has just left us wondering what this madman will do next.

To keep updated with all of Max’s crazy stunts, take a look at his team’s YouTube station, StorrorBlog.

View This Daredevil Take His Leap Of Faith:

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