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New Nudist Restaurant Has Shocking Rules

Lots of touches that are crude will be revealed with the new nude eatery opening on the 29th July.

The Sanskrit word for immortality, the Amrita, have recorded several regulations for entering their new organization.

These rules can not only put many people off, but will turn them away if they don’t match the conditions despite the eatery receiving interest.

As you can see previously, “ ” individuals that are big-boned will be turned away without any hesistation.

If there’s any uncertainty, a set of scales will be brought out to see if the customer is over the conditions that are “ ” to determine whether they should remain or go.

Japan is among the healthiest countries on the planet as their diets rely heavily on rice, vegetables and seafood.

Recently there continues to be a decline in those diets that could potentially function as Amrita’s reasoning behind the regulations.

To rub on more salt in case a customer has made a booking and they seem to be big-boned they’ll be turned away and won’t get a refund.

The discrimination doesn’t end there, although you’d anticipate customers to appreciate the liberty of being nude.

As it harks back to Japan’s “yakuza” unlawful underworld those who have tats is likewise turned from the restaurant.

If it’s a benign tat of a family member you won’t be permitted entrance.

Despite The Amrita being a “nude” eatery, customers will be required to wear paper knickers whilst cameras and mobiles will locked in a box on the dining table.

The eatery’s staff will be “men with the world amazing bodies” wearing g strings.

In spite of this controversy, the opening night has sold out with tickets including Y14,000 (GBP91) to Y28,000 (GBP182).

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