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One Of The Largest Diamonds Ever Has Been Found

The world’s second largest diamond has been discovered – surpassed just in size by the Cullinan Diamond, that has been found in South Africa in 1905.

The Lesedi la Rona was found and is three billion years of age, the size of a staggering 1108 carats and a tennis ball.

Found in Botswana, which will be possessed by Lucara Diamond Corp in the Karowe mine, the diamond was described as a in a very long time discovery”.


The diamond will go ahead of its auction, on display in London this weekend if it is anticipated to choose a world record breaking

The Cullinan diamond was found over 100 years ago and part of the valuable stone makes up some of the crown jewels.

No other diamond was found that fits quality and the size of the Cullinan diamond until now. The Lesedi la Rona interprets to ‘our ’ that is light in the Twsana language.


Reports have indicated the Lesedi la Rona could produce the greatest top quality diamond that’s been cut and polished.

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