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Police Rescue Hungry Child Trying to Sell His Teddy Bear for Food

Source: WLT5

Source: WLT5

Children nowadays are industrious and resourceful. Whether they’re running a classic lemonade stand or making security equipment for Pokemon Go players, it’s not uncommon for kids to try their hand at being an entrepreneur, simply for the fun of it.

But one little boy seen last week before a CVS in Franklin, Ohio wasn’t there for interesting: He was distressed for cash to purchase food and had n’t eaten in days. And the only way he could think of to earn money fast was to sell his teddy bear.

Police officer Steve Dunham received a call that the streets was roaming . He located the 7-year old lad before the drug store, expecting to locate someone who’d purchase his stuffed toy, so he could purchase some food.

“It destroyed my heart,” Dunham told WLWT5.

Dunham understood he’d to help the lad. He ate with him, purchased him a sandwich and took him to the nearby Subway eatery.

“We had dinner together and said a little prayer ,

While other policemen seen the kid’s house Dunham subsequently took the lad back to the police department. They found the family was living in conditions that were shocking. The house was covered in garbage and smelled of pee. What small food was in the fridge had rotted largely beyond recognition.

Source: NY Daily News

Source: NY Daily News

Policemen also located the lad’s 17, aged 11, 12, 15, and four older brothers. The policemen fed the youngest children before having them removed by child services from the home, and the parents, identified as Michael and Tammy Bethel, were put under arrest. They’ve pleaded not guilty to five counts each of child endangerment.

Dunham joined his co-workers leaving the 7-year old to watch cartoons. The lad demonstrated how resilient children can be, when Dunham returned.

He was concealing, and I came back to check on him,” said Dunham. He jumped out to frighten me after I came back in the building. He got me

Police Chief Russ Whitman expects their activities will alter the family’s future for the better, and has commended his policemen’ work.

“[Cops] handled them like their own children, and that’s just what law enforcement does in scenarios like this would we need someone to handle our children? These policemen’ activities alter ’ lives to these children, and possibly alter the lives of the parents to become better parents. ”

Tammy Bethel and sons; Officer Steve Dunham; Source: NY Daily News

Tammy Bethel and sons; Policeman Steve Dunham; Source: NY Daily News

Victim Witness Supporter Nikki Hawkins e-mailed the Franklin Police Department to thank them for his or her kindness. The message was posted on the Section’s Facebook page.

“ We see instances that were unhappy on a regular basis and sometimes it only feels like in the life,’” wrote Hawkins, “but you fed his brothers and this little boy and made him feel safe at the center of a nasty position. […;] I understand you do things similar to this for your community on a regular basis and we don’t see or hear about it. Just how you took care of the small man and treated reached my heart.”

Contributions are being approved by St Vincent de Paul to further help the lads. Mrs. Bethel has been remarking on the Franklin Police Department’s Facebook page that her sons don’t want cash, and to assert that the kids had in fact eaten, and that their house is generally well kept, according to the NY Daily News.

The five brothers are put in the care of a relative. We can expect the little boy’s teddy bear will remain as a reminder of the kindness he received while this scenario remains heartbreaking.

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