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The 15 Most Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos

These pictures are of people that are famous at perhaps their least-proud minutes, trapped inside their own prom hells that are inept.

1. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba became a star at age 19, when she got the starring character in the show Dark Angel. But before that, (like, right before that), she was a pleasant looking high school senior who’d what is apparently questionable taste in men.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, seems like she understood the best way to decide against them. She was likely an extremely interesting prom date, which guy was likely life of the celebration. She still seems cool, although she may not be wearing a meat dress.

3. Taylor Swift

Yep, of course Taylor Swift went with this man. She enjoyed all the creative ways he found to feed upon the poor and crash his (father’s) auto. He’s like R. Kelly, except talentless.

5. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen seems real happy to be going with this man to Prom. Some handholding going on with extreme confidence here. The actual victor is the odd cartoon lion that’s blast them.

4. Blake Lively

Some strong hoverhands in this picture. It’s really intelligent. All you’ll have the ability to hear for the remainder of your life if you touch Blake Lively is choirs of angels singing. It was a close call.

6. Jimmy Fallon

Are you really surprised that Jimmy Fallon was a dweeby small sprite in high school? No? But man must have had fairly great game, she’s adorable. It seems like her bloated shoulder matters are Fallon’s giant hands, if you squint your eyes.

7. Will Ferrell

It’s no shock that Will Ferrell was funny in high school. Here he’s copping a really “Will Ferrell” face at the camera and wearing his date’s tiara.

8. Lance Bass

A -closeted Lance Bass does his best to model with this amazing female girl who he’s completely brought to so terrible. What’s going on with his hands?

9. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars wasn’t the paragon of style he is now. He used to look in this way. He seems like he was a fine guy in high school.

10. Kellie Pickler

Pickler, a country music star who was a contestant on American Idol, wore one hell of a dress to Prom. Really surprised this was legal.

11. Michelle Obama

Michelle flashes a huge grin on her Prom night and some thigh. It’s difficult to pull off a dress which makes you look like an extra from Star Trek: Next Generation, but she did it.

12. Rihanna

Rihanna constantly looked just like Rihanna. Is it possible to imagine being nobody and this man that you went with her to Prom? Like, after going out with Rihanna what would you do?

13. Fergie

Fergie seems like she was the most wonderful girl in school. She seems like her outfit is very well come up with.

14. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato seems utterly wonderful in her Prom getup. Her bag hex that is bedazzled is an excellent complement to her wrist corsage. This man must look back on this particular day with a profound awareness of loss, as well as fondness.

15. Beyonce

And this man may have to live the remainder of his life knowing that if he’d played his cards he might be with Beyonce. The poor benighted soul.

Source: Your Daily Dish

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