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This Sweet-Looking 11-Year-Old Girl Is Actually A Badass Olympic Weightlifter

I actually don’t understand what will in case you are not impressed with what this small child can perform.

You see, Elle Hatamiya is an 11-year old daughter from California who is an Olympic weightlifter. She holds the title of being the USAW (United States of America Weighlifting) National Champ.

Right, mindblowing?

Aside from this, Elle can also be a fantastic gymnast in her own right who has won the State Champion on Floor and Beam . In her time, she does a kind of martial arts that originated in Vietnam, Cuong Nhu.

Despite being youthful, Elle Hatamiya, 11, is already an USAW (USA Weightlifting) National Champ.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 1

Now, the youthful sportsman has about 15,000 followers on Instagram.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 2

Given her extraordinary gifts and accomplishments that are wonderful, it’s extremely simple to comprehend why the child has about 15,000 followers on Instagram, with her mother handling the



Elle can also be a proficient amount 5 gymnast who won the State Winner for Flooring and Beam.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 4

elle hatamiya weightlifter 3

We could all n’t help but wonder since, you know what she is going to become in the years, she has so much ahead of her and ’s still young. Will she be a CrossFit winner that is future, perhaps? Your guess is as great as ours!

View this video here and see Elle in activity:

That ’s simply amazing! And that’s coming from me, a 30-something man, who fighting to come up with a regular exercise schedule. Let bury our heads as she does her thing and only admire this young lady. She’s only so filled with enthusiasm and so powerful!

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