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UK Bar Blocks Cell Phone Signals To Get People Talking To Each Other Again

 Gone are the times when folks in other places and restaurants sat down, discussed, and got to understand each other better.

In this very day and age, nearly everyone sharing a meal barely ever peek at each other. Everyone’s caught up in their electronic devices, be it mobile phones, laptop computers, or tablet computers.

One pub in Sussex, England needs to reverse this tendency once and for all.

They’ve not uninstall a cell signal blocker to prevent cell phone use in the premises.

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The Gin Tub is seeming to help individuals actively join by disconnecting them from their apparatus. With every other institution boasting free Wifi for their patrons, Gin Tub tavern owner Steve Tyler determined his pub would be a sign zone that was dead.

Tyler, who acknowledges despising installed all mobile signs to be blocked by a Faraday cage inside his pub.

Tyler at the Gin Tub.

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Source: BBC

A Faraday cage is a 19th century creation that is made up of metal cage which traps electromagnetic waves and changes any device including a radio-frequency identification (RFID) processor or Nearfield Communication (NFC).

A little variation of a Faraday cage.

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Because it doesn’t jam signals and simply keeps them from entering, it’s legal in the U.K. under the 2006 Wireless Telegraphy Act.



No one can use their telephone.

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Source: Geek

Which motivates folks to speak to each other

There are old style rotary mobiles set strategically so customers can purchase drinks or call folks at other tables to compensate.

What a new method to hit someone up at a pub.

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Source: Gin Tub

Tyler outfitted the entire Gin Tub into a Faraday cage that was giant, installing copper wire net on the ceiling, and tin foil on the walls.

This blocks from getting into the pub all cell phone signs.

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Source: Geek

“It’s not military rank,” Tyler says, but “it does its occupation.”

Tyler is all for bringing back dialogue to societal institutions. Getting his patrons to be societal instead of antisocial makes for a fun and exciting pub.

All things considered, it’s not bad for company.

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