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Woman Not Allowed On Flight Because Her Shorts Were ‘Inappropriate’

It’s absurd that individuals are judged based on which they wear; if they’re not hurting anyone else or who are we to let them know to transform?

There have been never-ending narratives of schools suspending it’s only ridiculous and girls due to their clothes.

It’s been taken one step farther for burlesque performer, Maggie, when she attempted to board a JetBlue flight and was told that she’dn’t be able because ‘she was dressed to get on the airplane.

The flight crew told Maggie that was inferior that she’d have to cover up to make the flight even though she arrived from a connecting flight with the exact same airline in Boston.

The airlines coverage states that anyone can be removed by them from the flight ‘whose clothes is lewd, obscene, or patently offensive’.

Maggie was compelled to purchase some of size XL shorts that were sleep of which was paid for by the airline for ‘proper coverage’ or she just wouldn’t be permitted onboard.

The young woman’s buddy, Mollie, posted about the event on Facebook and it’s received a huge amount of consideration with over 1.6k reactions and 1.7k shares.

She writes:


‘This is Maggie McMuffin. Maggie is a buddy as well as a burlesque performer. That is what she was wearing when JetBlue couldn’t board and told her she was dressed the flight to Seattle she’d paid for. She was joining in Boston from NYC, additionally a JetBlue flight – which had no problems with the way

No explanation was given except the pilot said her clothing would prevent her boarding the airplane. The flight lead asked if she told her if she didn’t they could reserve the flight for her, and had anything to wear. Maggie ended up having to visit another terminal to purchase some of girls’s slumber short pants in XL for proper coverage” that was “.

All they’ve done to make it correct” is give her less than $ 200 and refund her. The firm apologized but the pilot didn’t. They’ve not offered any explanation for his or her behaviour.

Sexism is well and alive these days. How does what Maggie was wearing effect her ability? It doesn’t.

Please share this standing. Make this go viral. Maggie didn’t deserve to be treated like this

Maggie talked to MailOnline Travel about her plight:

‘ They offered a 162 dollar credit to me and refunded my short pants.

Since I don’t need to fly together and was told I could let another person use my credit.’ I asked for a financial refund

JetBlue also told their side of the narrative with a representative saying:

The onboard and gate crew discovered that other families may offend on the flight and discussed the customer’s clothes.

The crewmembers asked if she could transform while the customer had not been refused boarding. The customer agreed and continued without gap on the flight.

We determined to reimburse the customer for the price of the new short pants, and We support our crewmembers’ discretion to make these tough choices and offered a credit as a good will gesture.’ for future flight

Whilst it’s not entirely unacceptable for a pilot to refuse boarding to a passenger who may be wearing something that could be dangerous to themselves or other passengers or will not comply with security regulations Could it be really appropriate because she just had her legs uncovered to deny someone access?

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